Do you ever feel like a fraud at work? Do you doubt your success despite years of experience? You might be suffering from imposter syndrome, and you are not alone. Tom Hanks, Sheryl Sandberg, and Maya Angelou also experienced it.

But how can you overcome it? In this episode, we explore the first steps to conquer imposter syndrome. We discuss how awareness is the first step in the AAA model, and we reveal the five types of imposter syndrome. Join us in our upcoming free webinar on imposter syndrome to learn how to recognise and overcome it.

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[00:00:00] Any time I go for a musical audition, I am just waiting for someone to say “you don’t belong here”. Even though I have been doing this for over 10 years, it’s amazing that this thought still pops up. And do you know what that thought is? That is Imposter Syndrome. And do you know what Tom Hanks, Sheryl Sandberg and Maya Angelou have in common?

They also suffered Imposter Syndrome. So you could say I’m in good company! So what is Imposter Syndrome exactly? If you’ve listened to last week’s podcast, you’ll have a little bit of an idea, but let me refresh your memory. It is that feeling of self doubt and inadequacy, even in the face of success.

Is that feeling you get when you feel like a fraud, and all of your success is due to luck. And it’s not just limited to the workplace. Like my story, you can feel like an imposter in any aspect of your life, whether it’s as a parent, a friend, or even as a podcast host, trust me, I’ve been [00:01:00] there.

Now, perhaps you felt Imposter Syndrome too. And you can trust me when I say you are not alone. And I have research to prove this. A new study has found that even with years of experience, the majority of adults still feel incompetent at work. A glaring phenomenon of what is called Imposter Syndrome.

Last week in the podcast, I spoke about the types of Imposter Syndrome, and this week we’ll be talking about the first steps for overcoming it. Now if these two episodes on Imposter Syndrome have piqued your interest and you think you’re ready to kick your Imposter Syndrome to the curb, you should register for my free webinar on Imposter Syndrome.

You can find the link to register in the show notes, or you can go to The webinars on the 23rd and the 24th of May 2023, depending on what time zone you’re in. And for a short time afterwards, you be able to receive the playback if you have [00:02:00] registered.

So let’s talk a little bit more about overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

The latest report from the HubSpot revealed that 85% of employees feel this incompetence at work, despite having at least three years of experience in their field. And it’s not just people with less experience feeling it. In fact, even highly experienced people feel it. Like I said at the beginning, those three famous people. Let me tell you about their form of Imposter Syndrome.

Sheryl Sandberg. She is a business executive, a billionaire currently the COO of meta platforms and a founder of You may have read her book called “Lean In” and she says, “every time I took a test, I was sure it had gone badly. And every time I didn’t embarrass myself or even excelled, I believed I had just fooled everyone yet again. One day soon, the jig would be up. And there are still days when I wake up feeling like a fraud. Not sure I should [00:03:00] be where I am.”

Maya Angelou is a civil rights activist, author and poet. She says “I’ve written 11 books, but each time I think. Oh, they gonna find out now I’ve run a game on everyone and they’re gonna find me out”.

And thirdly, Tom Hanks, very famous actor, and he says, no matter what we’ve done, there comes a point where you think, how did I get here? When are they going to discover that I am in fact, a fraud and take everything away from me. Now for these three people who are wildly successful, if they can feel like an imposter, then it’s safe to say we all can.

So also with this HubSpot report, they found that 80% of men experience imposter syndrome while a bigger 90% of women suffer from this. And despite the syndrome being this widespread, only 25% of people are actually aware of their feeling of Imposter Syndrome.

So, if you are a part of this 25%, who’ve noticed that they have Imposter Syndrome, there is actually some [00:04:00] good news because you’ve taken the first step to overcoming it. Why? You may have heard me talk in a previous podcast episodes or on my weekly leadership email about the AAA model. Awareness Acceptance and Action.

Why is this important? Well, you can’t change anything until you’re aware of it. So this first step of the AAA model awareness is really important. So feeling Imposter Syndrome can be a good thing because it means you’re one step closer to overcoming it. That’s step one, that is Awareness.

Earlier in the podcast episode, I mentioned about my upcoming webinar and that is all about overcoming Imposter Syndrome. And I’ll be stepping you through these three things.

Firstly, how to notice your Imposter Syndrome. So there are five types which I talked about in the last episode, and we’re going to have a look at those five types to find out which one are your Imposter Syndrome sounds more like, explore the causes and effects of imposter syndrome, and so you can recognize when it shows up in [00:05:00] your life. When you can recognize that it is imposter syndrome and it isn’t in fact real.

The second thing in this free webinar is about overcoming Imposter Syndrome. We will look at some practical tips and techniques for dealing with imposter syndrome and boosting your confidence.

And thirdly, in this one hour webinar, we will be looking at navigating your career with confidence. So by sharing some strategies for using your new found confidence to propel your career forward, including how to negotiate for what you deserve and how to handle difficult situations with grace and poise.

So make sure you jump on the show notes to sign up for this free webinar or go to tiny URL And you’ll be able to get your unique spot for this free webinar on the 23rd and the 24th of May. So just depending on where you are, time zone wise, it’ll be one of those two days. So thanks for tuning into this podcast on overcoming Imposter Syndrome [00:06:00] and join the free webinar to kick your Imposter Syndrome to the curb because let’s be honest, we spend too much time doubting ourselves, which could be much better spent understanding our Imposter Syndrome and moving forward confidently. Here’s to feeling more confident! See you next week.

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