Kate and Alis met in 2017 in Madrid, Spain, while completing an Executive Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy at IE University. They clicked immediately and discovered a mutual mission in contributing to a better world by creating innovative learning experiences that support leaders to increase their level of consciousnesses, their personal wisdom.

Alis Anagnostakis - FaciliTator

BA, EXMPLS, ICF(Professional)


For as long as she can remember, Alis has been fascinated by the complexity of the human mind. Ever since she was very young, she realized she had a keen sense of observation and a very deep curiosity about how people think, feel and decide and the many contradictions inherent in human nature. This interest was paired with her very deep love of books and the many ways they can open paths towards new ways of experiencing the world. All this has led her to a career in people development and coaching. 

Alis believes that her mission is not to teach leaders what they should do, but to support them in better understanding why they do everything they do - to become more Conscious and more in touch with the workings of their own minds so they can begin to really become a transformational force in their teams and their companies. 


Over the past ten years, she has specialized in creating science based leadership development programs and has worked with thousands of managers in companies large and small. In her workshops, she uses the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology to generate insights and facilitate self-understanding and change. 

In 2015 Alis created an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coaching school for managers, aiming at empowering them to take the tools of coaching, to pair them with the power of self-awareness and become a force for change in their companies. 
Alis is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  In addition she holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations; and in 2018 completed an Executive Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy.  In the past, she has worked for the British Embassy in Bucharest, Procter&Gamble, KPMG and Achieveglobal. Since 2010, she has been blogging on personal development at alisanagnostakis.com, and more recently launched '2 minutes of self-awareness' clips on her YouTube channel.

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Kate Peardon - facilitator

MBA, ExMPLS, ICF(Associate), BBusMan(HR)

20170409-Kate Headshots0-45-Edit-2 sqare.jpg

Passionate about holistic leadership, Kate’s focus is about supporting the whole person.  This is not about a ‘balanced life’, but being a balanced person - mind, body and soul.

With a technical human resources background, Kate pursued her MBA in Australia and France, challenging traditional business methods and optimising results through people.

Continuing her career in business, Kate became the Director of People and Operations at Wiley & Co in 2014.  She is now in a unique position of working part-time in an internal role, as well as externally as a consultant into other companies. This gives her insight to cutting edge consulting and practical reality for what it is like as an executive leading in Australasian business today.

In 2017 Kate co-founded Zenith Journey with Alis, whist they were both completing their Executive Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy at IE University, Spain. Positive Leadership focuses on Positive Psychology applied to the human challenges of the workplace.

 In early 2018, Kate's life took an expected twist, when she had a minor stroke caused by a spontaneous vertebral artery dissection. She refers to the experience as 'a gift without a bow' - although it wasn’t pretty, the experience is a unique gift, and the lessons have added great depth to her insights of the brain, self-compassion and connection with others’ experience. Kate has been rehabilitating and rewiring her neural-pathways, and life, using all her knowledge and experience in neuroscience, positive psychology, habit theory and performance coaching.

 Her experience is now not only outside-in, but inside-out - she has LIVED it.

The experience has fundamentally changed and challenged her to get clear and live on purpose. 

For fun, you'll find Kate relaxing at any piano she finds and cycling at sunrise. She is also a keen yogini, and is currently completing her Yoga Teacher Training – another element of her holistic approach.

Learn more about Kate on Linkedin or at katepeardon.com.