I’m excited to share my upcoming journey to Europe with my husband and our five-month-old daughter. Over the next six weeks, while my husband takes parental leave, I’ll be working remotely and exploring new places during the European summer. To ensure a smooth operation for my business while I’m away, I’ve implemented five key strategies.

First, delegation plays a crucial role, and I’ve entrusted my team to handle tasks while maintaining client communication. Second, relying on automatic workflows for routine activities, leveraging technology to streamline processes. Third, navigating time zone differences using Calendly for client bookings and choose accommodations with suitable workspaces.

Fourth, equipping myself with technology like my laptop, headphones, and international SIM card, ensuring reliable client calls and conducting podcast interviews. Finally, regular check-ins with my capable team keep me informed and allow me to provide guidance without micromanaging.

Although unexpected challenges may arise, I invite you to join me on this experience and share any additional suggestions. Follow my journey on Instagram or LinkedIn and stay tuned for updates. Thanks for listening and wishing us luck!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] If you’re on the regular leadership tips, email from Zenith Journey, you’ll know that I’m just about to embark on an exciting journey to Europe. And by the time this podcast is published, we will be up, up in a way. So going from Australia to Europe is the other side of the world. It’s a lovely at 24 hour trip and I’ll be going with my husband and our five month old daughter.

Over the next six weeks while he is on parental leave, we will be exploring new places and I’ll be working remotely and making the most of the European summer. I studied at university in both Paris for my MBA and Madrid in Spain for my Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy. So I’m particularly excited to reconnect with friends and clients in the region.

Now to ensure a seamless operation for my business while I’m away (I hope).

To ensure life and work happened smoothly while we’re away, there are five things that I decided to implement and I will share them today on as special podcast for business on the go [00:01:00] European Edition.

Number One, my favorite to the art of Delegation.

If you have been listening to the podcast, you will know that I love delegation, if it is done correctly. I’m a firm believer that it has wonderful power in both your personal and professional aspects of your life. So regarding this trip on the personal front, I have a checklist to follow whenever I travel, including tasks like canceling services, scheduling maintenance for the house, automating household chores.

But in terms of work, I make sure my team is well equipped to handle all the necessary tasks. Clients that I have regular leadership mentoring with have already been scheduled. And my team is committed to maintaining communication, managing social media handling podcast responsibilities and ensuring client inquiries addressed promptly.

To know how I went about this. It is all covered in the Delegation Playbook. If you were wondering what sort of tasks you can delegate and how to go about delegating to ensure that it doesn’t just end [00:02:00] up back on your plate. It’s a tool you need is the Delegation Playbook. And there is a link in the show notes to how you can get your hands on a copy of my Delegation Playbook. The second strategy is all about automatic workflows. So anything that is a regular activity that happens more than three times goes into a workflow. So I really embraced technology and set up these workflows to handle any routine tasks, whether it’s auto responders scheduling social media.

My virtual assistant and podcast manager also work their magic behind the scenes for anything that is repetitive, like this podcast. To make sure it all happens smoothly. I don’t have to think about it every time. This is something that happens whether I am at home or whether I’m traveling, but when I’m traveling, I put the extra effort in to make sure that it happens smoothly.

The third strategy is time zone tango. The dance with time zones. I utilize Calendly to streamline client [00:03:00] bookings every day. And it integrates with your calendar, which is great when you are traveling because it accounts for different time zones. So I have carefully chosen particular accommodations that offer suitable workspaces in the cities we’re staying in because we have a five month old baby and some of my clients are in Australia.

So I’ll need to be working in the early hours in Europe. I want to make sure that I have a good workspace that I can use. So for those places, I have unlocked my calendar so clients can book those spots. This approach also helps me establish clear boundaries between work and leisure time, because it’s a practice I’ve historically really struggled with. So ensuring that I have these spaces and certain times blocked in my calendar means that I actually stick to what should be work time and what should be leisure time.

The fourth strategy technology is my sidekick.

I will be well-equipped with my trusty laptop, headphones international [00:04:00] SIM card to ensure a reliable client calls without relying solely on wifi . And as I will be conducting podcast interviews with leaders during my travels, I’ll also have my podcasting microphone. The rest of my work setup is entirely cloud-based. Although typically I use a physical whiteboard during client sessions.

I will switch to a virtual whiteboard for this six week period. So with technology at my side, working from anywhere becomes incredibly convenient.

And being incredibly convenient can also be a double-edged sword because it can mean you work more than you want to. So back to that third strategy is making sure I have that the boundary set up of what is work time and what is leisure time.

And my fifth strategy is regular check-ins. So I have built a capable team and I trust their abilities to handle things in my absence. And I’ve also scheduled regular check-ins with my team to stay informed. So this way I can provide guidance and address any potential challenges promptly. Which means [00:05:00] avoiding micromanaging or constantly checking in.

When you have regular check-ins pre-booked it means you are proactive with management. When you just catch up with your team when something’s going wrong that’s when they start to feel like they’re being micromanaged or always are worried about why you’re contacting them because you’ve shown them that the only reason you reach out is if they’ve done something wrong.

This regular check-in is a process as part of the five step delegation formula, which is also in that Delegation Playbook. I talked about earlier in the podcast episode.

So despite best planning, I’m sure there will be some things that pop up that I don’t expect. And time is always telling of how well you’ve set up your team and all your business for success without you. So I invite you to join me on this experience and see how I go practicing what I preach. I’m curious if there’s anything else that you would have done prior to going on a trip that you’re working on. And I encourage you to reach out via the podcast or on our [00:06:00] Instagram page, which is Zenith Journey. And let me know what else I should have considered for my trip.

If you’d like to keep in touch with the travels that we’re on, you can follow on Instagram on a Zenith Journey or on LinkedIn via my name Kate Peardon. And you can also sign up to my email list, which is on the show notes and each week I’ll give you an update on what is going on on the trip. Thanks for listening and wish us luck.

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