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Just like plants turn to face the light

You can become that leader others are naturally drawn to.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, the answers you need are inside of you.

  • Maybe you feel like you’re working too hard (and too much for too long) trying to juggle everything, doing a million different jobs–even if and when you try to bring on more help, it doesn’t actually help. It just adds more things to your list.
  • Or maybe you were checking off the career boxes. But now, when you should be happy because on the outside it looks like you have it all, you’re overwhelmed by loneliness and exhaustion, wondering: “What’s the point?”…
  • Or maybe you’ve always been known as the high performer, but were recently thrown into a position to lead. With no actual guidance on how to lead you don’t know where to start and worry that you’re not living up to expectations.

Regardless of which hits home the hardest, remember that you’re not alone.

All of the above are places where my clients often find themselves before they come to me, and together, we work to restart your fire. It’s my job to shine a light on the shadows so you can see how your own humanity will help you grow into the leader you’ve always wanted to be. The catch: It’s about authenticity and showing up as yourself, not fitting into some strict definition of how you may think you need to lead.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Kate Peardon.

Founder of Zenith Journey // Positive Leadership Expert // Executive Coach

There’s no singular solution to help you achieve what you want or become the leader you think you should be. It’s a series of behaviour changes that will have a positive impact on your world… So that’s where we start: With a plan to create change that’s entirely customised to you.

Change catches like wildfire from there

But What About Me?

I worked my way up the corporate ladder and landed myself a seat at the executive table complete with the fancy outfits and tall-backed chairs, only to realise that something was missing: A dedication to developing humans.

When people feel purposeful and fulfilled, they perform better themselves and inspire others to do the same–that’s how we achieve the groundbreaking KPIs… Not the other way around.

Then I Had A Stroke…

In 2018 I had a stroke, and my appreciation for the core of being human (without all the things we busy ourselves with) grew even further.

As a positive psychology practitioner, I used all the knowledge I had to rehabilitate and rewire the neural pathways in my brain. I’ve arrived at this place where I understand both the science and practice of growth, which leaves me uniquely positioned to support the journeys of others. Who knew that having a stroke could be the “gift without a bow”? This life-altering event helped me reevaluate for myself, and make a bigger impact in my work too.

After my stroke, I couldn’t do regular things like walk 5 meters, remember what day it was, or make a sandwich. My usual daily activities like cycling, coaching CEOs, and playing piano weren’t an option. I couldn’t do anything, and I knew it.

As a chronic doer, being okay with being was a challenge. But the meaning that came from this experience was learning to accept myself as enough. When you have a stroke, you can’t push harder or just do more–that’s how you stall progress rather than accelerate it. Instead, it requires consistent effort without judgement, building tiny habits one on top of another, and approaching challenges without shame.
That’s almost the exact approach if you want to grow as a leader too.


Integrity: I say what I mean and mean what I say, and am not afraid to start uncomfortable conversations if something is out of alignment. People get to choose how they act, and that power comes with a need for accountability.

Joy: Working with me will always include an element of fun–an unusual game or something that nudges outside of the norm of comfort zones–because what’s the point if there’s no zest in your life? Of course, I hold space for tough stuff, but there’s always room to smile.

Curiosity: I ask questions without judgement or trying to lead people to an answer, and this helps my clients feel safe in my care. It’s not about what I want them to say, but about them discovering the strength that exists inside of them.

Kindness: People say that they feel seen with me. I remember things that are important to them, deliver hard truths with compassion, and encourage them to feel what they need to without shame. You never know what another person is going through, and empathy is free.

Awareness: I encourage my clients to work to believe that they are perfect wherever they are. I pick up quickly on and act considerately of their emotions, but push them to search for possibilities rather than wallowing in what’s not working.

Why Zenith Journey?

In astronomy, the “zenith” is the point on the celestial sphere vertically above an observer, but the second meaning of the word is the highest peak. If you start on a journey towards that high point it’s clear that you never really can reach that end.

The more you know, the more you realise there is to know–the closer you get to zenith, the more there is to learn. Humble curiosity drives authentic, life-long growth. That’s the meaning of Zenith Journey, and the basis for everything I do.

Continual growth is something I’m willing to chase. Will you join me?

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