Zenith Journey is a leadership development and coaching company born out of a dream - to contribute to a better world by helping increase leaders’ levels of consciousness, of personal wisdom, so that they can build more ethical, sustainable businesses for future generations. Ultimately, we aspire to building a community of conscious leaders who can not only transform their own organisations, but also join hands in tackling the larger challenges of business and society today.


We firmly believe that the strongest attribute any leader possesses is themselves. Transformational leadership starts as a personal journey inwards and only then turns into a constellation of behaviours that can have a positive impact on the outside world. Conscious, wise leaders are better equipped to have a broader view of reality and to make good decisions in times of constant change and disruption. They are more capable to work cooperatively, to lead profitably and sustainably and to create well-being for their teams, clients, customers, suppliers, communities and ultimately the larger world. And we make it our mission to support them on their journey.  


We design training and coaching programs rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology and the theories of adult development. Also, we coach individual leaders and teams through their processes of personal transformation. Our programs’ alumni become part of a community of like-minded leaders that we actively foster and grow, increasing the chances that good ideas cross-pollinate from one organisation to another or generate entirely new, innovative initiatives for business and society.

In our programs - be they open workshops, bespoke corporate workshops, or longer term leadership development journeys - self-discovery lies at the heart of the learning process. We take a holistic view at our participants, addressing not just the leader role, but the whole person. They are challenged to not only expand their knowledge, but to transform their mindsets through self-reflection, mindfulness, dialogue and coaching. Then we assist them in taking the insights from the training room and applying them to their personal lives, their teams and organisations, thus contributing to systemic change in business and beyond. 

Transformational Coach Certification Program

We are currently taking expressions of interest for the next intake of our comprehensive 4 month long coach certification program, approved by the International Coaching Federation.

The program is dedicated to senior leaders who aspire to transform their teams and organisations through coaching and aims to prepare them to coach at a professional level. Over 80 executives have graduated so far and many have gone on to create transformational programs in their own companies. Others have joined together in communities of mutual mentoring and support or developed cross-business projects that inspired and helped people both in the profit and non profit sectors. 

Open workshops

These workshops are open to everyone and speak of our belief in inviting the whole person (not just the professional persona) into the process of development. They offer participants deep learnings and practical tools for both their personal and professional lives.

Previous open public workshops include: "Coaching Skills for Managers", "Mindfulness, Mindlessness and Stress", “Setting Intentions” and "Lead with WHY"

Open workshops can also be delivered to a private or professional group on inquiry.