[REGISTRATIONS CLOSED] Mindfulness, Mindlessness, and reducing stress in 2019 [Brisbane]

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[REGISTRATIONS CLOSED] Mindfulness, Mindlessness, and reducing stress in 2019 [Brisbane]


Saturday 1 December 2018
1pm - 4:30pm
Summit Mt Coot-tha (Brisbane)

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[REGISTRATIONS CLOSED] Open Workshop 3: Mindfulness, Mindlessness, and reducing stress in 2019
1pm - 4:30pm, Saturday 1 December 2018

Location: Summit, Mt Coot-tha (Brisbane)

We all want to be successful.  Many of us chase success by running around from one task to another and, even when there are no tasks to do, our minds are locked in chronic wandering and ruminating. Science shows that, over 60% of waking time, we are not mentally present in the same place where we are physically. Mindfulness is the extraordinary ability to keep our minds and bodies in the same place and the benefits are countless- improved concentration, increased creativity and problem solving, less stress and better relationships. This session will take you through your first steps towards cultivating this valuable skill.

Key topics: 

  • What is Mindfulness? - the 5 components (attention, open awareness, acceptance, no identification, choice)

  • Mindfulness versus Mindlessness - where does the mind go when it leaves the present moment and how automatic patterns can sabotage us.

  • Mindfulness and personal effectiveness - what are the practical advantages of practicing living in the present? - the science behind mindfulness

  • What does the “mindful brain” look like? - brainwaves and leaving the “beta” state.

  • Practicing mindfulness - how do we actually stay in the present moment?