Setting Intentions for 2019 and beyond [Maroochydore]

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Setting Intentions for 2019 and beyond [Maroochydore]


Sunday 2 Dec 2019
9am - 12:30pm
Spark Bureau, Maroochydore

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Masterclass Session 4: Setting Intentions for 2019 (not objectives!)
9am – 12:30pm, Sunday 1 December 2019

Location: Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast.

We cannot change the past or the present, but we can influence the future.  Objectives deal with things we want to do, whereas Intentions are about who we want to be. The psychological framework of intentions is fundamentally different and so is the likelihood that they become reality.  We will discover what Intentions are and why they work better than Objectives, how to create them and how to set them in the Time Line of our Unconscious Mind. This session is an opportunity to create a vision of who we want to be and what we want to create in the year to come.

Key topics: 

  • Why do New Year's Resolutions usually fail?

  • What are Intentions and how are they different from Objectives/Resolutions?

  • How does the Unconscious Mind work and how to direct it most effectively "towards" what we want to build instead of "away from" what we don't want.

  • Aligning Intentions with personal Values and personal Why

  • The tools of "Active Imagination", "Time Line Therapy" and the process of setting Intentions for the future.

  • Understanding your Values, and aligning intentions with values, in each area of your life.