[REGISTRATIONS CLOSED] Conscious Parenting - Self Awareness Program for Parents and Future Parents [Brisbane]

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[REGISTRATIONS CLOSED] Conscious Parenting - Self Awareness Program for Parents and Future Parents [Brisbane]


Thursday 29 November 2018
9am - 4:30pm
Summit Mt Coot-tha (Brisbane)

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[REGISTRATIONS CLOSED] Conscious Parenting - A Self-Awareness Program for Parents and Future Parents
9am - 4:30pm, Thursday 29 November 2018

Location: Summit, Mt Coot-tha (Brisbane)

Why this workshop?

The arrival of a baby is a deeply transforming event in the life of any one of us. Many future parents prepare intensely for the big moment - they read books, go to courses on parenting techniques, they ask other parents about their experiences, they set up a warm, cozy nest for the little person who is about to join the family.

Quite fewer parents include a conscious journey of self-exploration in this ritual of “getting ready for the baby”. There still rare the couples who, while waiting for a baby or even sooner, when they are just starting to think of having one, spend time together reflecting on why they want to become parents or exploring their personal histories, the lessons and emotional baggage they carry from their own childhoods, their values or mission as parents of their future child.

This workshop invites parents or future parents to precisely this journey of self-exploration. It is not a course about how to raise your child, but about who you are as a parent and who you would like to be. This will be an interactive experience, building on the newest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, to open a path towards our most conscious selves.

Key topics: 

  • The neuroscience of emotion: How do we survive in a new world with a very old brain? How do emotions work and how they can help and sabotage us? How do we befriend our emotions and then model that emotional balance for our children?

  • Lessons from positive psychology: What is happiness, really? What are our unique strengths, how to build on them and how to spot and nurture them in our children? What does it take to build well-being in our families and beyond?

  • Values and personal mission: Who are we, beyond our roles as parents? What are our values - those guiding principles that we might not even be aware of? What is our personal WHY?