Organisation culture assessments and top management workshops

You can shape your organization’s collective thinking by first understanding it. And we can help!
We have been involved in large scale organization culture assessments and change processes and have solid experience in working with Top Management teams for defining and shaping the desired organizational culture, as well as determining roadblocks and finding levers for change, from the top downwards. In our work with organisations, we use organisational culture assessments from one of the leading companies in this field - Human Synergistics. 

In our workshops with Top Management teams,  we support leaders in becoming more aware of the paramount impact of culture in business and in their own role in changing it in a direction that benefits the entire company. We  assess the desired organisational culture, compare it with actual culture and facilitate the creation of action plans for change. 

In our interventions we also use leadership assessment tools, such as Leadership Impact (from Human Synergistics) and we often combine group workshops with executive coaching for top leaders.