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Visual Sketch - Getting to Yes (by Roger Fisher and William Ury)

“…people think negotiation is about narrowing the gap between positions. Instead, think about increasing the pie, so everyone gets more”

Visual Sketch - Start with WHY (Simon Sinek)

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it”

Visual Sketch - Harvard Business Review article: "If you Aspire to be a Great Leader, be Present"

“..there is a direct correlation between a leaders’ mindfulness and the the well-being and performance of their people”


Episode 2: What is HAPPINESS from a scientific point of view?

Episode 3: Why do we tend to behave aggressively when we feel vulnerable?

Episode 4: Why don’t RATIONAL arguments work against EMOTIONAL crises?

Episode 5: What is the impact of EMOTIONS on HEALTH?