More ≠ better.

And you get to define success.

The title. The salary. The impressive corner office with a view.

I work with a lot of people like you: Driven and extremely good at what you do. Yet even after accomplishing more than the average person, you found yourself in this stuck spot. You’ve ticked every box in your career… but at what cost?

  • Fulfillment?
  • Freedom?
  • Happiness?
  • Relationships?
  • Health?

Without the tools or support to find a new way out, you do the same as always.

Exhaustion and loneliness creep in, and you catch yourself doubting that you’ll ever measure up, compounded by the fear that people will discover you’re a fraud. So to compensate, you sacrifice more and work longer hours because the harder you work, the better you’ll be in the end–right?

Hint: That’s wrong.

Maybe you catch yourself thinking: If I could just do this next X thing, then finally I’ll have arrived.

  • Then finally I’ll feel like a good enough leader for my team.
  • Then finally I won’t be chronically overworked–endlessly busy.
  • Then finally I’ll have more time to spend with my family.
  • Then finally I’ll feel fulfilled and in control at the end of each day.
  • Then finally it will be worth it and everything will fall into place.

But arriving isn’t chasing some imposed ideal: It’s stepping into your authentic style without needing to trade your freedom in the process.

It’s time to focus on you and your team.

Both teams and their leaders need help sometimes… And when you prioritise professional development, those KPIs? They’re a lot easier to meet. I work with chronically busy C-Suites and executives, doer superstars turned emerging leaders, and their teams to achieve personalised results within the business.

Those results often look something like this:

Even if you don’t actually have a clue what fulfillment means to you or what your authentic leadership style is or what’s standing in your way right now, we can figure that out.

The Zenith Journey Approach

This isn’t about me talking at you, but opening honest conversations–discomfort is welcome, but never shame. My job is to help you find higher ground to see challenges from a different perspective. With a little reframing, roadblocks are actually good things, and often, you’ll be surprised to realize that all the answers you’re looking for are already inside you. You just need help pulling them out.

You are smart enough.

You are competent enough.

All of my work for both individuals and teams stems from the idea of compounding interest: Changing just 1% more every day. Together, we work through the following phases…

And by leveraging positive , we add another dimension to your personal and professional development journey.

How we can help

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kate from Zenith Journey over the past 6 years, both in a 1:1 coaching capacity and leadership programs. Kate has had a significant impact on the way I work with others and lead, with in-depth insights and simple visual explanations which satisfy my curiosity for a scientific explanation and learning visually.

Kate always challenges me, keeps me accountable, and leaves me pondering at the end of the sessions. I always look forward to them.
Rachael Hedges
CEO at RMH consulting

Coaching for Individuals

Strategy | Education | Accountability

You and me, consistently focused on your growth as a leader and a human being…

Get the 1:1 accountability, strategy, and overall support that you need to finally feel confident and satisfied within your role, while also motivating your team to achieve company goals. Because when we approach business from the perspective that it’s human and work to identify your authentic style–that’s when major shifts happen.

Sample support inclusions:

  • Initial 90 minute Strategy Session (via Zoom) , followed by fortnightly 1:1 coaching sessions (60 minutes) and support via APP between meetings.
  • Personalised Leadership Profiling Tool to gather data from your self/peers/team members, and use as a basis for your development plan (either Human Synergistics, Team Management Profile or Global Leadership Profile)
  • Access to my personal online leadership learning vault full of scientifically validated tools and frameworks

* Think of coaching sessions like exercise – one run or gym visit is good, but not enough to notice a difference, create sustained change or new habits. Sustained change happens incrementally so individual coaching agreements require a minimum 3 month commitment. Everyone receives a customised plan after a fit call. Monthly investment starting from $1,500 AUD + GST where applicable. Please inquire for more information.

Team Development Workshops

Bring me in to help your team grow together.

I don’t place myself on some pedestal like others might–preaching about all the things you should and shouldn’t do–but meet your team where they are right now. What’s holding you up? What feels sticky? Where can we stretch limits and uncover new paths forward without judgement for anything that has happened in the past.

Without things like comfort and creativity and play (yes, at work!), there’s no real progress. Through embracing vulnerability, teams grow.

Sample support inclusions:

  • Monthly 3-hour team workshop either customised or from my proven library, delivered in person or via Zoom.
  • Team profiling and individual profiling for team leaders to understand behavioural team dynamics – what’s working and what’s holding you back. These results are debriefed in a workshop, along with education, strategy and an action plan created with the team.
  • 10 x Individual coaching pack to be used for team members to accelerate growth (included in a 6 month package. Can be increased/decreased pending team size and requirements)

*Group coaching and workshops are customised after a fit call to meet your team’s needs and achieve company goals–together. Monthly investment for a 6-month program starting from $4,500 + GST where applicable. Please inquire for more information.

Need something different?

If you don’t see an option that quite fits what you need, please reach out. I’m happy to discuss custom agreements to catalyse your team’s culture.

Don’t take my word for it, hear what clients have to say!

Frequently Asked Questions

The 6 month program typically follow a growth format of ‘inside out’ (2 sessions on self, 2 on team, 2 on leadership). Topics can include:

  • Team Strengths
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Science of Happiness
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Communicating to Influence
  • Fierce Conversations
  • Innovating Positive Difference Projects
  • Neuroscience of Leadership
  • Habit Hack
  • Leading People and Teams
  • Leading with Culture

Typically 1:1 coaching is virtual, and workshops can either be virtual or in person. I have been facilitating virtual workshops for over a decade and have a complete tech setup with cameras, lights, microphones and whiteboard. We take polls online, do breakout sessions and interact as close as possible to in person sessions and guaranteed to be engaging.

I am accredited in Team Management System, Human Synergistics, Global Management Profile and a handful of others. During our discovery call we discuss what tool would be the best option for your team.

Having a workshop where everyone has the same experience and learning is important for shared language and experiences. It also helps for the team to hold each other accountable. The individual sessions allow for personal goal setting, and specific coaching in their required areas of growth. This combination approach has be proven to be more effective than one or the other.

1:1 coaching sessions are completed online via Zoom. You’ll receive your own coaching portal with recordings of your sessions, actions from each session, resources, and ability to book your next session directly. Although in-person is also great, in my experience, the ability to fit coaching within your busy life is easier when completed virtually, and also gives greater confidentiality during the sessions.

Typically corporate leaders, small business owners and aspiring leaders. Previous clients include members from an executive team in a technology company, CEO of a environmental company, a high school principal, CEO of an advertising company of 10 people, COO of a large construction company, owner of a photography education small business, head of people and culture, mid-level doctors, engineers, head of technology. People who are interested in developing themselves and their leadership.

We start with a call to check if there’s a fit both ways.If we both agree it’s a fit, you’ll be sent a personalised link to purchase your three month coaching pack. Once completed, you’ll receive your coaching portal log-in. In the portal you’ll be able to book your sessions, see your resources and complete your success questionnaire. Your first session is 90 minutes and we complete your leadership strategy and decide on the best tool for your personalised leadership profile. After this, sessions are held fortnightly and will work through your leadership plan, focusing on your specific mix of strategy, leadership education and accountability.

How great that they’re invested in your development. If your boss wants an active say in your coaching, then our first and last session are ‘triangulation’ meetings. In this we set goals as a group (you, your boss and myself). Then the coaching sessions are just the two of us. I keep strict confidentiality in these sessions. I will not share the content with your boss. This needs to be agreed in the first meeting. Without confidentiality the coaching relationship is jeopardized. The last session we again have a ‘triangulation’ session, where you’ll share your outcomes with your boss (but not the personal path to get there). This is very standard in coaching, and participants have experienced great success.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us
and we will be with you shortly.

It’s time to focus on you and your team.

Both teams and their leaders need help sometimes… And when you prioritise professional development, those KPIs? They’re a lot easier to meet. I work with chronically busy C-Suites and executives, doer superstars turned emerging leaders, and their teams to achieve personalised results within the business.

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