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Zenith Retreat

  • sunshine coast hinterland Australia (map)

If you feel it’s time for a much needed pause from the auto-pilot of day to day life and you need a pause for learning, reflecting and recharging - we invite you to join our three-day Zenith Retreat. We will gather in a beautiful location in-midst of pristine nature in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It will be precious time, in a small group, reflecting on your past, becoming more aware of the resources of the present and envisioning a conscious and fulfilling future. Time for nourishing Mind, Body and Soul.

These are the three golden threads that run through all our retreats.

The Mind: We bring together the latest tools and practices from positive psychology, neuroscience and adult development to support you in better understanding the workings of your minds and learn to harness your inner resources for wellbeing. We will delve into the science of emotions and wellbeing, invite you to discover your values and strengths and reflect on your limiting beliefs and ways to reframe them.

The Body: It is impossible to stretch the mind and open the heart if we are out of touch with the body, so we have given it a special place in the flow of our retreat. You will be invited to explore conscious movement with gentle morning Yoga and we will show you how a hike can be a powerful way to align the mind, body and soul. Throughout the three days, our resident chef will invite you to explore your relationship to food as much more than simple nourishment, but rather as a reconnection with the senses and a memorable experience onto itself .

The Soul: Mindfulness is of the most powerful ways to get in touch with the deepest parts of ourselves and to step out of “doing” and into “being” at will. This practice is millennia old, but recently it has become a topic of scientific interest. Researchers have started validating the extraordinary benefits it has and mapping out the profound shifts that come with regular practice. Together we will learn about the science and mindfulness and discover different practical ways to cultivate it in our lives. As we practice, you will have the opportunity to choose the approaches that resonate most with you and turn them into habits after the retreat.

Over the three days the facilitators, Kate and Alis, will spend time with each participant in one on one coaching, offering personalised support for your unique journey.

If you are ready to join us, we look forward to being in touch.