Transformational Coaching Certification Program

Do you aspire to facilitate profound transformation for the organisations and people you work with?

This program is particularly designed for leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants. The mission of the program is to prepare you as exceptional coaches, so that you are capable of facilitating profound transformation for the organisations and people you work with, and become change agents in the world around you.

The ninth intake of the Transformational Coaching Program will be hosted in Sunshine Coast, Australia in February to July 2020. The seven modules are held one weekend a month, and the program is embedded with an International Coach Federation certification.

Entry into the program involves a detailed discussion with the facilitators Kate Peardon and Alis Anagnostakis. This is to determine the fit with the program, and the intention and motivation of potential participants to enter this learning journey. We aim to keep the groups small (a maximum of 12 participants), so the admission process will also support getting the right fit with the rest of the group and with the mission and vision of this program.

Admissions are done on a rolling basis and will be closed once the program is full. For this reason, please advise us of your interest as soon as possible.

To find out more information or to set up an admission talk, please contact us


Alis and Kate

Alis and Kate

This program is one very close to our hearts. It is a challenging, fascinating journey through the complexity of human transformation. We look forward to accompanying you on this journey of growth, knowledge and wisdom.
Alis Anagnostakis and Kate Peardon
Facilitators and Founders
of Zenith Journey and Mind Learners

Testimonials from previous graduates

“I found the program valuable for several reasons. First, it focuses on ICF competencies and prepares you for an international accreditation as a coach. The modules were were extremely well documented, the information was easy to assimilate and the logistical support impeccable. Beyond the practical aspects, for me it was an inner journey in which I learnt to listen to others and listen to myself, to be present (I believe presence was one of my paramount gains in this program and it is vital for coaching), to turn my attention towards myself and have the courage to be authentic with my future clients.

I liked the interdisciplinary nature of the program. It was all about people and emotions, about communication and patience, about trust in the client and the process. It was about helping and developing people.

Even if a participant decides not to pursue a certification in coaching (although the program is perfect to set the ground for this) I would still highly recommend it for the faboulous journey towards oneself.”
— Manuela Avram Support Renewal Snr. Manager, Oracle
“The Transformational Coaching School is in itself a profoundly changing experience. I not only learned new ways to BE a coach, but I did this in an organic growth process together with a wonderful group of people.

The rhythm was at the same time accelerated and intuitive, and I especially appreciated the openness and constant encouragement from Alis, Delia and my colleagues.

It was a tremendous development experience which showed me once again that in order to be a good coach, you need to first be open to your own learning.”
— Maria Dinu Talent Manager, Coca Cola HBC
“Attending the coaching school was such an amazing journey! I started in February being very enthusiastic about the course and having my own thoughts about how it was going to be. Guess what?! All of my scenarios about how it would be were wrong. I had to deal with and adjust to a totally different approach than I had seen before.

For me it was a lesson on authenticity. It was a new journey for my old self, it challenged a lot of my beliefs. This coaching school confirmed to me once again how important it is to accept yourself and others.

It took me a few months to decide if I wanted to take this step but after I had the interview with Alis I understood that it was the best decision. She has a way of inspiring others. She pushed the right buttons to help me wake up. I’m not a big fan of words, I believe in facts at the end of the day, but I can say that the school can be life-changing if you allow your true self to say hello to the world”
— Alina Cristache Manager, Microsoft
“I used to think of the concept of ‘school’ as a place where you needed to learn according to a well-established curriculum and then prove your worth by regurgitating whatever information was left available after having memorized everything you could. This program couldn’t be further away from the antiquated notion I had in mind. It is hard to put into words the experience I have had in the months spent with Alis, Delia and my colleagues.

This experience was transformational because of the people that participated, starting with our mentors, were extraordinary and I am privileged to be able to call them unconditional friends. Beyond the acquired competencies that ICF requires and that are the basis of our experience, I am positive that this is the start of a wonderful community of people with their minds and hearts set on changing the organizations they are in and the world for the better.

Thank you for the opportunity!”
— Cristiana Lupu Eastern Europe & CIS Premier Support GRSC Director, Oracle
I started this journey aiming to find my way to a conscious and joyful life, also to learn how I can better contribute to other people’s personal and professional development, enabling them to discover and use the potential they have for their own benefit and, why not, for their organizations.
From the beginning I felt this program fits me perfectly, but I didn’t see yet the “big magic” that was going to happen and be with us throughout the entire trip. I was privileged to meet great people and to be trained by Alis and Delia with whom we created the most beautiful and meaningful learning experience I have ever lived!
Furthermore, the program is structured in accordance with the ICF requirements which makes it even more valuable, facilitating the process for people who want to become ICF Certified.
I am honored and proud that I graduated from Mind Learners Coaching School! Thank you! “
— Lili Gadei, Project Manager & People Manager, IBM
“The Transformational Coaching School is one of the best learning and life experiences I have ever had. The name merely expresses the learning process involved in becoming a coach, but the real magic that happened for me during the program goes beyond words.
The experience has been very enriching and it has helped me know and understand myself better, so I can be a better leader and coach for others. More than this, I had the amazing opportunity to practice my coaching skills a lot, in a very safe and judgment-free environment, were there were no mistakes, only learning opportunities, no faults, only the beautifully normal vulnerability that makes us human, no right or wrong, only amazing different perspectives, no criticism, only supporting feedback meant to build on my strengths.

It is , by far, the best investment I have made in myself!”
— Carmen Sidon Call Center Manager, Vodafone

We are offering one fellowship position within each group, as we are committed to empowering exceptional leadership from high impact non-profit or social enterprises who may not have the financial means to fund this journey, but would benefit from it, and are able to make a deeply position impact in their organisation and the world around them.

If you think your organisation has a powerful voice in making this world a better place and that you as it’s leader need this personal transformation journey to be able to lead your team to the next level, please contact us to schedule an admission interview for the fellowship position for the course starting in March 2019.