Last week was the official podcast launch (yahoo!). To celebrate the release of the first five episodes, you’re in the running for a pack of 5 of my favourite leadership books. You have until the 7th of June to leave a review or share the podcast on your socials/linkedin to get yourself an entry.

1. What is Positive Leadership

2. What Plants can Teach us about Leadership

3. Strengths of your Team

4. Small Biz: Time to Hire?

5. Leadership is Lonely

This week

Episode 6 – Who should I hire? Typically people will talk about hiring a specific role, but in this episode we look at two different ways to think about how to approach it. Including the ‘skill and will’ matrix of what your strengths are, so you can hire someone that complements your skills. 


Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman

I became curious about the brand Patagonia when I was looking for new hiking pants and heard about their replacement guarantee.  Their commitment to the world means they have a lifetime warranty on all of their clothing and equipment offerings. You can send your item in to either get it repaired, refunded, or replaced with something else of equal value. They actively discourage you from buying new products!  

Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard didn’t set out to be a businessperson. Despite, or perhaps because of this fact, he’s responsible for starting what would ultimately become one of the most successful and well-regarded outdoor clothing brands in existence. He shares the history of his life, early days of Patagonia, and coming to terms with his “profession” as a person in business.

The book was recommended to me and balances culture, ethics and business. It’s part biography, part compilation of Chouinard’s philosophies.  An interesting read to understand how ethics and business can mix. My Pategonia hiking pants that sparked my interest in the company are still goin strong 10+ years later, and even had an adventure in … Patagonia! 


I’ve got a Masters degree in Positive Leadership and Strategy, so naturally I’m all about creating positive work environments.  It’s always great when publications like Harvard Business Review (HBR) bring it to the masses. Did you know that positive work cultures are more productive? I’ve got a course coming up in July called ‘Solo to CEO’ and we have a whole module on the culture of your team and business. Why? Because it matters.

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