What a month! Great to see two big projects come to fruition and wins with ongoing Leadership Coaching clients.

In July I was part of a team that delivered a 3-day off-site Leadership Conference. With external and internal keynote speakers, interactive workshops, and evening activities it was an action-packed few days. My role was to coordinate content, engage the speakers, facilitate some sessions and sprinkle in the fun whilst being MC for the Conference. The participants average feedback was 3.8/4 which reflected the success of the conference goals. Book Kate as your Keynote Speaker or Master of Ceremonies.

Two new Executive Coaching clients started this month, and a third restarted after company restructure and promotion to a new role. I really enjoy the current mix of small business CEOs, Corporate Executives, a High School Principal, and an Entrepreneur. Industries span from Technology, Education, Marketing, Construction, and Medical. September will be the last intake of 1:1 clients until March 2023. If you’re curious, find out more.

The last couple of months I have been spending my evenings as the Musical Director for a production of Avenue Q. It was my first experience going from the stage to the Directors Table/Piano. The closing night was Sunday and it’s always bitter-sweet as the curtain closes. It was a great combination of two of my skills – Leadership and Music. Just like with any team I work with, my focus was to work with them individually and as a group to reach a common goal. Stay tuned for a future podcast episode on the experience and what I learnt. 



I was fortunate enough to secure Rachael Robertson as a keynote speaker at the recent conference. Her book was gifted to all our attendees and is an interesting and practical read. Think your team is tough to lead? Imagine being stuck with them for a year… in Antarctica!“In Leading on the Edge, successful business speaker and consultant Rachael Robertson shares the lessons she learned as leader of a year-long expedition to the wilds of Antarctica. Leading eighteen strangers around the clock for a full year—through months of darkness and with no escape from the frigid cold, howling winds, and each other—Robertson learned powerful lessons about what real, authentic leadership is. Here, she offers a deeply honest and humorous account of what it takes to survive and lead in the harshest environment on Earth. What emerges from her graphic account is a series of powerful and practical lessons for business leaders and managers everywhere.”

Catch up on The Level Up Leadership Podcast

Need to catch up on the latest leadership lessons? In case you’ve missed it, here’s a recap of what’s been happening on the podcast this month!

The last few episodes:
Ep. 11 Are Leaders Born or Made
Ep 12 My clients only want to work with me, not my team
Ep 13 Work Friendships – the good, the bad and the ugly

This week:
Episode 14, Is Leadership Chess or Checkers? How does thinking about chess help you as a leader? Wise leaders that think in the idea of chess, they manage relationships and connect with individuals based on their unique personality and strengths.

Take a listen to this week’s episode here where I share three actions that you can implement straight away to move from playing Checkers to playing Chess.

PS. This topic (and related ones) is something that we cover even more in-depth inside my signature Solo to CEO Group Program that’s launching soon! You don’t have to navigate this stuff solo. Get on the waitlist here.

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