Here’s a wrap of April, including…

  • book summary for you
  • some cool research on the most important leadership skill
  • A a highlight reel of what I got up to this month (and mark your calendar! Something big is coming May 17th!)


This month I finished “4,000 Weeks, Time Management for Mortals”.  I’m great at starting books, but terrible at finishing them! If you’re the same, have a reading buddy. My Mum was reading this book at the same time (hi Mum!). As we chatted about it, we realised we probably took more from it than we initially thought. 

In a nutshell – life is finite, you’ll never get everything done (so stop trying to cram everything in). Get better at choosing (and think of it as a gift to have the choice, stop pitying yourself for being cheated of the other option). 

Grab a PDF of the book summary here 


New research has discovered the most important leadership skill… 🥁🥁🥁 Empathy!  Two things you can do to use empathy: 

  1. First, consider someone else’s thoughts through cognitive empathy (“If I were in their position, what would I be thinking right now?”). 
  2. Second, leaders can also focus on a person’s feelings using emotional empathy (“Being in their position would make me feel ___”). But leaders will be most successful not just when they personally consider others, but when they express their concerns and inquire about challenges directly, and then listen to employees’ responses.

Read the article 


This is what was on the agenda at Zenith Journey this month…

  • Masterclass for Angela Henderson’s private clients on how to get more freedom and flexibility in their biz by stepping from solo business to a team structure (interested? Here’s a similar free mini-course of mine)
  • Team Workshop for a corporate business on understanding how each other like to work (so there’s more satisfaction, better communication and enjoyment at work) 
  • VIP day for a client, setting up their team accountabilities, roles, responsibilities and calendar of annual meetings
  • New 1:1 leadership coaching client, looking at how to set clear expectations and hold their team accountable in a constructive way
  • Created the mini-course “Time to Hire? 5 questions to ask yourself before you hire your first (or next) team member”. You can get your hands on it for free here
  • Coaching on creating a “Positive Difference Project” in a corporate business (using positive psychology in making change in business). 
  • Facilitated Group Coaching sessions for the “Adaptive Global Leadership Program” – the first cohort for the year is almost finished!
  • Hosted a guest speaker for “Leading through Company Culture” as part of an annual in-house Leadership Program for a company 
  • After 8 weeks of rehearsals (and a last minute venue change) it was the opening night of the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”!  In an upcoming podcast episode, I talk about what music taught me about public speaking and engaging an audience (transferable skills baby!).
  • Recorded the first 10 episodes of the Level UP Leadership Podcast coming in May (yep – that’s what you need to mark your calendar on 17th May for!)

Phew! Let’s see what May brings 🤩


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