A lot of tough stuff comes up when you start to grow a team.

As a leader or solopreneur, there’s the worry that maybe your clients won’t like to see that you’re growing a team… They just want to work with you, right?!

Or maybe you’re worried that your clients will like your team so much (because they’re pretty awesome), that they’ll always ask for them instead. Queue feelings of inadequacy because you’re not the superstar anymore.

In both scenarios, you’re left worrying instead of focusing on leveling up like you should be.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: You don’t have to worry. It’s actually not necessary to waste time worrying if your goal is to grow. That’s not a prerequisite.

Instead of sitting in the anxiety of what if, try this: Address your fears head-on.

It’s not a bad thing that your team is growing–it’s good and you can frame this as a benefit for your clients. A team working with you means more hands on deck and overall better support for them.

And it’s not a bad thing if your clients ask for your team members over you now–that just means you’ve done a great job at finding the perfect fits for your business’ culture. If they think your team is fab, you’re doing something right. This is actually a measure of success. How’s that for a perspective shift?

If the topic of communicating your growth to your clients is still stressing you out, you need to add this week’s podcast episode to your list…

Episode 12: My clients only want to work with me, not my team

I’ll share how to let your clients know that the team is growing in a way that gets them excited to meet the awesome people you pick, as well as 5 things you can do if your clients only want to work with you (not your team).

  • Option One: build a team of experts. 
  • Option Two: elevate your team’s reputation. 
  • Option Three: raise your prices of your charge at rate or your VIP services.
  • Option Four: let your clients know and frame up the change in a way that it’s a very positive one.  
  • And Option Five: if your team is underperforming, how to have those conversations in sharing your expectations. 

P.s. Like this topic of growing your team? Read more about it here.

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