I can’t believe the day is finally here. This has been a work in progress for over a year and I’m so excited that it’s ready for you to tune in.

This podcast is for chronically busy leaders and small business owners who are ready to leap out of the mundane and start leading. In every bite-size 5 to 10 minute episode, you’ll find micro leadership lessons that help you to become 1% better in your leadership every day.

To celebrate the launch we have a handful of episodes ready for you to binge. Here are the first three, released today:

Ep01 Positive Leadership (10 min)

“… there is a better way. It’s not the dictatorial leader or the wishy-washy leader. It’s the leader who’s clear on the goal has good relationships with their team and who inspires them to grow. You become the leader people want to work for. You become known as the person with low staff turnover. You engage your team and you reach the goals together. It’s called Positive Leadership…” 

Ep02 Team Strengths (5 min)

“…you want to get two thirds of your role in your sweet spot, the things that are your strengths, what you love doing, and you thrive. And then one third of your role to be a things that stretch you, and the crappy tasks (we all have some crappy tasks that we have to do)…”

Ep03 What Plants Can Teach Us About Leadership (5min)

“…talking about their heliotropic effect, how can you put this into action in your life? Well, look to the spaces that give you energy, look to the activities and tasks and the people that light you up. See where you can do more of that. And see if there’s a space you can drop some of the things that make you feel drained.”



Bonus for you: I’m hosting a giveaway to celebrate the launch of this podcast! The details…

If you tune in, remember to rate and review for a chance to win a package of my 5 favourite leadership books. I’ll draw a winner on 7 June and personally ship them via snail mail to you–worldwide entries welcome!

  • A rating and review = 1 entry
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I’d love to know what you think of the podcast, and what topics you’d love me to dig into.

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