Are you a plant person?

I rotate my plants every few weeks so they grow straight. It’s the heliotropic effect in action.

Wondering what that is?

By nature, all organisms are naturally drawn to sources of health and energy. That’s why plants turn to grow towards the light.

It’s the reason why this guy next to my office window grows in the direction he does.

How does that relate to leadership? Let’s get nerdy. 👇

Humans work similarly. Have you ever met a person so generous and warm that you couldn’t help but feel pulled towards them? They feel like literal sunlight? My vocal instructor is one of those people. Singing can be a really vulnerable experience and he has a way that makes me feel safe. He is joyful and positive that even being instructed in a potentially stressful thing feels ok with him. He leads with confidence, focuses on the good, and encourages me to be better each time.

Positive leadership is grounded in this idea. Positivity breeds positivity, and that ripple compounds over time.

That teacher is so good that I actually often send my (non-singing/performing) clients to him just for the confidence boost that comes with learning how to engage people authentically from such a charismatic and positive person. It lights them up and provides a real example of positive psychology in action, so they can take what they’ve learned to their own teams.

Causing the ripple to grow again.

It’s neat how that works, right?

If you’re feeling discouraged by your current state–your environment, a bad boss or client, or something else weighing you down–remember to identify and practice awareness without judgement. Because there’s nothing wrong with where you are. You may just need to move a little closer to the light.

Cheers to you growing towards the light,


PS. On one of the first podcast episodes (coming soon!), we get more into the science behind positive leadership and the heliotropic effect, including specific ways that you can leverage this understanding to be a better leader… Even if you aren’t technically leading anyone yet. 

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