Something that comes up a lot, especially with solopreneurs, is this false idea that you need to wait to pass some arbitrary threshold before you start delegating.

While yes, of course, there are certain business benchmarks to meet… I’m talking about the other stuff.

The head trash like: I’m not ______ enough.

I’m not good enough.

I’m not experienced enough.

My business isn’t big enough.

Personally, I used to have this thing about being “old enough,” and no–I don’t even know what that actually meant or what I thought the appropriate age was. 😅

You’ve probably told yourself stories like this too. Requirements that aren’t grounded in reality. But how do you break out of that mindset?

The first step: Start thinking about all the things you do in a day or a week that are NOT a great use of your personal time.

When you eliminate those, you free up space to do things that are better aligned for you, and MORE of what you want to do.

I already let you in on the secret about my new podcast coming to earbuds near you soon, but there’s more! I’m also launching a new website and free on-demand masterclass training. So that means there’s quite a lot going on at Zenith Journey. Why did I decide to do all of this at once? Have I gone off the deep end?

Nope… Because on a personal level, I knew that I was ready. Worried about managing my stroke brain energy while wanting to grow more and help more people, I played small until now. I kept the business the same size for a few years, but now I feel like there’s a way I can have it all: Follow the opportunity to reach more people and maintain the space I need. It would be impossible for me to do everything to keep up, so I brought on help for everything that was not in my genius zone… Without that support, I’d go off the deep end.

More tactically, I also had the tools and skills to help me successfully hire, outsource, and delegate to get everything done without having to stress about every tiny detail.

Maybe you’re thinking: Great, Kate. You can delegate well and accomplish a lot, but where do I start?

In my business and when helping others figure out what to delegate first, I always refer to what I call the delegation matrix… You’ll hear more about that specific framework later because it’s something that I dive deep into on the upcoming podcast!

For now, think of those regular tasks that are not in your genius zone, and maybe shouldn’t be your responsibility. My “Not My Responsibility” list looks like this:

  • Brand and web design for the new website that’s launching soon!
  • Editing videos for upcoming courses… 🤫
  • Marketing strategy and copywriting for my website and emails.
  • Podcast editing and publishing.
  • Admin support to ensure these emails to you actually get sent (if you’re a long time subscriber, you’ll know it’s been a hot minute between emails 😳).

By getting the help I need, I’m able to achieve the things I want. And my sanity is much better for the assistance too.

Your homework for today:

  1. Identify the self-told stories that are holding you back from getting the support you need in your business.
  2. Note where you’ve spent your time this week, and highlight the tasks that you didn’t actually need to do solo.

Comment below if you want to talk about this more!


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