When I first started Zenith Journey, I did everything myself. Everything.

I was a classic “doer” who thought that I needed to DO it all.

  • I was a one-woman marketing department who wrote my own copy, created my own visuals, edited all my own videos, and showed up online live between it all.
  • I was also my own admin assistant who drafted and edited proposals (all from scratch, of course). Plus, responded personally to each enquiry, and scheduled client meetings.
  • I was the bookkeeper AND accountant who was responsible for monthly upkeep of all the numbers like annual filing and tax (not my favourite).

That’s on top of being booked and busy doing the actual work for clients:

  • 1:1 leadership coaching sessions
  • Team workshops
  • Facilitating leadership programs

Can you relate? If you’re a new(er) business owner, I bet you’re nodding along to this list too. We’ve ALL been there because we all have to start somewhere.

Unless of course you started your business from rockstar status with heaps of cash laying around to outsource all the things AND a fully developed leadership skill set. Let’s be honest… that’s rare.

Of course, there’s always going to be times when you have to knuckle down and do it all yourself. Particularly when you don’t have the resources… Those first few months of business are tough for most of us. The problem starts when we become so trained to DO that we forget to LEAD.

We forget that we started our businesses for the freedom and flexibility that it would allow… Not to be stuck at our desk every single day checking off boxes on an endless to-do list (it just gets longer the more you do, doesn’t it?).

Good news: It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, I’ve made it my mission to make sure that it’s NOT this way for you going forward.

Personally, I’m proud to say that I’m a recovered Doer. 🙋‍♀️

And if you’re thinking, “Good for you, Kate. But what about me? Where do I even start?”

I’ve been keeping a secret for a little while now and I think it might be just the thing you need to dip your toes into the role of CEO in your business… Ditching that DOER mentality.


Starting in just a few weeks, you can tune into The Zenith Journey Podcast. Each weekly episode will share quick micro-leadership lessons for solopreneurs and emerging leaders who are ready to level up their leadership.

Get excited! You’ll be learning about delegating and team growth, transitioning from doing versus leading, effective communication, the CEO mindset, better prioritization of your day-to-day, developing a distinct company culture, and so much more.

If my work with people just like you–and actually sitting in your exact (maybe stressed out) spot of DOING all the things–has taught me anything, it’s that a podcast like this is much needed. We don’t learn about how to be good leaders, and so many of us are thrown into the position without any proper training. Plus there’s a lot to be debunked about leadership in general.

I’ve made it my mission to help you learn how to lead–in a way that’s authentically you.

Keep your eyes on your inbox for the first few episodes to go live.


PS. I think you’re a rockstar just by being here. Cheers to lifelong learning and becoming better leaders together.

PPS. Have something you’d love to hear on the podcast? Let me know!

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