What if in 2023, you could take things OFF your plate, instead of adding them ON? Last week on the podcast I spoke about mindset shifts, one which was about working smarter, not harder, and today’s episode is all about the “clean slate” method. Most people start the new year with a lengthy list of things that they have to or want to do. Today, I challenge you to start your new year by making your list shorter. With inspiration from Seinfeld’s George Costanza, and Marie Kondo from “The Art of Tidying Up”, I’ll share the three questions, and the things you can delegate today to get you one step closer to your goals.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Did you listen to last week’s episode? It was all about the mindset shifts you might want to apply in 2023. One of these mindset shifts was about working smarter, not harder, and today’s episode is all about the “clean slate” method.

[00:00:16] It might be tempting to load up on stuff to get done right away at the beginning of the year, but what if you tried the opposite? There is a very popular episode in Seinfeld where George Constanza decides he’s going to do the opposite of everything he’s always done. He’s not so great with the ladies he lives with his parents, and so instead of lying about what he does for a job where he lives, he decides to do the complete opposite of what he would normally do and tell the truth. It’s quite a funny episode. It ends up working out quite well for him. And it’s a good reminder that sometimes we need to do the opposite.

[00:00:56] So today I want to talk about the clean slate method and how you can hit your goals by taking stuff off your plate, instead of adding to it. Most people start the new year with a lengthy list of things that they have to or want to do. And I challenge you to start your new year by making your list shorter.

[00:01:14] What can you delegate to others? Where can you start or continue growing your team? I know delegating can feel super messy, but delegating in the right areas in the right way will help you achieve your goals with less stress and more intentional progress. You do not need to single-handedly do everything.

[00:01:34] There’s no award for the most stuff done. Trust me. I know. I would like to think that I’ve won it by now. And I didn’t. If you’re booked and busy, then that’s an ideal time to start growing the team. So when you’re mapping out your goals and your to-dos for 2023, try something different.

[00:01:53] Start with a clean slate and add in the things that you want. This will get you a completely different outcome because you’d be able to see past your current situation. I tried this method at recently when cleaning out my wardrobe and I alluded to it in last week’s podcast. Instead of taking out the things I didn’t wear that didn’t fit, I did a Marie Kondo and I took out everything and only added back in the things that I liked. I wore, and that fit well. And guess what. It had a completely different outcome to doing the opposite, which was taking out the things that I didn’t wear. So instead of writing your to-do list and working out what you can delegate, try flipping it, try doing a George Costanza and doing the opposite.

[00:02:39] Here’s an exercise to help you look forward to where you want to be and not get caught up in the previous or current situation. Here is three questions for you.

[00:02:48] Question One. It’s a year from now, the end of 2023. and you’re celebrating, hitting your big goal. What happened?

[00:02:57] Question Two. What are the steps you need to get to that goal?

[00:03:04] Question Three. Who can you delegate each of these steps to?

[00:03:10] And here’s a bonus one. If you are able to delegate the steps of the above goal. What would you do with the extra time you now have. Would you have more time with family? Would you plan a weekend away each quarter? Would you pick a new goal and work on that? Identify exactly where you want to be in a year and then work backwards to pinpoint all the steps you need to get there.

[00:03:31] Cool. That’s the easy part solved. Now comes to actually delegating. And with it, a whole mess of questions. How and whom should I be delegating? How do I keep track of who’s doing what? Where do I fit all of this in and how do I juggle doing and leading? You can find all the answers to these questions in a nifty little resource that I have created called The Delegation Playbook.

[00:03:58] It’s a plug and play template pack that will soon become your go-to rockstar resource. I designed this guide for my one-on-one clients, but I decided to let everyone leverage the tool inside it to delegate seamlessly for better results, and without the stress.

[00:04:14] So your homework for the clean slate method, is answer these three questions where you want to be in 2023 a year from now? What steps to get you there? And who can delegate these steps to, and then use the Delegation Playbook to figure out how to get it all done. And trust me with this method, it is easier than you think.

[00:04:37] You can get your hands on the Delegation Playbook by going to my website zenithjourney.com/playbook. And at the moment it is still on the launch sale, so make sure you get on and grab yourself a copy and make your 2023 an easier year by delegating. Here’s to rounding out the year with less stress.

[00:05:00] Thanks for listening. 

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