Ever feel like you’re stuck dealing with those mind-numbing, everyday tasks that almost drive you to pull your hair out? Oh boy, I’ve been there too. Just the other day, I had this whole drama with the fridge at one of my investment properties. It just decided to throw in the towel, and guess who had to scramble to find a replacement? Yep, yours truly. Talk about a major headache!

And it’s not just property woes—these pesky little things pop up at work too. You know the kind of stuff that doesn’t really tap into your strengths but still needs to get done? The funny thing is, there are people out there who actually enjoy doing the things that drive you bonkers. Go figure!

So, how in the world can you hand off those not-so-great tasks that don’t really match your skills (or genius zone), and make sure they get done right? Well, let me tell you, this episode is your golden ticket. You’ll learn how to appreciate your own time, and most importantly, how to delegate like a pro. That way, you’ll have some much-needed breathing space for yourself.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Do you ever find yourself facing mundane tasks that make you want to pull your hair out? Yeah, me too. Just the other day, I had a fridge fiasco at my investment property. It decided to fizzle out on me, leaving me with a headache of finding a replacement, ASAP. . Luckily I had a spare fridge at home, but the logistics of getting it to the right place seemed daunting.

I pondered the options considering the time, effort and environmental impact of hiring a truck, driving hundreds of kilometers and roping in someone to help at both ends. But then a stroke of genius struck me like lightning. I turned to the magic of technology and joined Airtasker.

Within minutes I had someone lined up to deliver and install the fridge in just two hours. Problem solved! But that’s not all. I also realized I needed to dispose of the old fridge. Instead of trashing it, I offered it to the Airtasker guy who saw potential in it. They could either sell it, or fix it up for someone else. [00:01:00] It was a win-win situation, and I felt like a true delegation queen.

This little adventure taught me an invaluable lesson. What we may consider as crappy tasks, are often cherished by others. Just like the dread for writing all the text on my website. There are people that genuinely enjoy tackling those challenges.

Even the Airtasker delivery guy shared the love he had for his job. And I asked him, why do you like it so much? He said, he gets to meet new people, get a workout and skip the gym membership fees. Now that is smart. So my friend, what is on your crappy list? Is it the overwhelming workload, the time consuming administrative tasks, or you’re still doing your old job with all the leadership tasks on top.

Whatever it may be. I have a solution for you, and it is the Delegation Playbook.

By mastering the art of delegation you can reclaim your time, focus on what truly matters and unlock your [00:02:00] leadership potential. The Delegation Playbook is a comprehensive guide filled with practical tips, templates, and scripts you need to help delegate effectively, empower your team and achieve remarkable results.

It is your ticket to freedom for the never ending to do list and a step towards being the leader, you are meant to be.

The Delegation Playbook is a PDF as well as tools and templates on a Google drive. And a little video explaining how to make the most of it. You can grab it on the show notes and start making your everyday life. Easier.

What is just one job that you could delegate?

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