I was working with two different senior leaders recently. From two different companies, in two different industries. Yet, they had the same challenge. They were struggling with getting their teams to take ownership of projects. These leaders were spending too much time in the ‘weeds’. They were doing their own job plus their team’s, and getting frustrated and burnt out in the process.

Sound familiar?

Through our leadership coaching they completed the Human Synergistics LSI. A 20minute online survey, plus a 360 with their team.

And you know what we found? Their blindspot. The reason their team wasn’t stepping up. The reason they were stuck in the weeds. The reason they were overworked.

We discovered that their blindspot was in ‘oppositional’ (see image). They were using the ‘devil’s advocate’ role in how they questioned their team to get the best outcome. Looking for mistakes to ensure nothing was missed. But the team felt they were always in the wrong and couldn’t do anything right. Even if they produced a great outcome, there was always something not good enough.

As a leader it can be a hard line to dance. It wasn’t the leaders intention to make the team feel this way. But that’s how it landed. And as a result they were holding back. The team was not putting forward ideas or taking on responsibly for fear of getting it wrong.

Once we were able to discover this blindspot, both leaders pivoted their style. A small adjustment had astonishing results. Being a great leader is not about always doing more. It’s about putting energy into the things that matter.

I love using this Leadership Profiling because it’s rooted in science. The tool enables leaders to think and behave to their full potential.


  • Discover new ways of thinking and behaving
  • Improve their effectiveness in their roles
  • Cope better with stress, pressure and change
  • Achieve self-set goals
  • Apply more flexible and creative thinking
  • Improve their interpersonal relationships
  • Increase their personal effectiveness
  • Uncover blind spots

Why am I such an advocate for this? I studied a Masters in Positive Leadership and Strategy. And I can tell you, good leadership matters. It matters to you, your team, your family and many degrees of connection outside this. It mattered to those two leaders.


  • 37% Less Stressed
  • 26% Better Health & Wellbeing
  • 43% Better Working Relationships
  • 47% Greater Readiness for Promotion
  • 34% More Effective at their Role

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want that?

Are you ready to level up your leadership? To find your strengths, your blindspots and have a low staff turnover?

When we work together, we work on your leadership trifecter: eduction, strategy and accountability. The leadership profile mentioned above is part of the EDUCATION – let’s figure out what’s going on in your team. Secondly, we created a STRATEGY. And over the next three months (with ACCOUNTABILITY) their teams shifted. They stepped up. They were engaged. The leaders felt in control and more relaxed as their team was on track. Plus, both these leaders now have a wider vision which includes this blindspot.

Book a 20 minute chat with Leadership Expert Kate Peardon, to see if Leadership Coaching is a good match.

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