I’m scared of having tough conversations with my team… so maybe I’ll just do it myself (or not hire anyone into my team).

Have you ever thought something like that ☝️ before, [first name]?

Or in general: I don’t want to have this conversation, so I’ll just hide instead. 👈 Classic avoidance technique in any relationship–not just a working one.

Both habits hold you back.

In the first scenario, you allow fear to limit your growth. In the second, you allow fear to bottle things up. But we all know that bottled up emotions don’t stay inside forever, resulting in a complete blow up.

The solution?

Step 1: Learn the simple communication technique of micro-feedback.

Understanding how and when and why to give micro-feedback will not only give you the boost of confidence you need to realize that you can handle tough conversations, but will actually facilitate those conversations before they become too hard to handle.

Let’s bring this into business-specific tactics.

Imagine that you’ve hired someone in your team (maybe you actually have?) and you know that you have a performance review coming up. There’s a few things that have happened recently that you know you’ll need to address in this meeting, so you start to dread having the meeting at all. You may start to act differently or kind of awkward around this team member. Maybe you push the meeting back because it makes you feel sick just thinking about it. You don’t want to be the one to deliver bad news.

What if you didn’t put so much weight on a single meeting though? That would look much different (never ‘save up’ feedback for a performance meeting).

Instead of tallying up the tough stuff for a stressful session, you could address small things as they come up–and frame them as learning opportunities.

“Here’s something that doesn’t quite align with how the business works, here’s why it’s not aligned, and here’s how we can fix it for next time.” 👈 That’s a lot easier to deliver AND digest than a lengthy list of errors.

Bonus because it eliminates the problem from happening again ASAP rather than leaving space for future errors.

On the podcast, launching 24 May, I give you even more tactical tools that you can use in business ASAP. Because I really don’t want you feeling sick to your stomach at the thought of talking to your team. Team growth should feel fun and fulfilling because you’ve built something amazing.

Even if you feel awkward with tough conversations right now, you can learn these tools.

You’re a rockstar,


PS. Want more help with this? Get on the waitlist for Solo to CEO. This is the exact kind of thing we cover in depth together so you can become a thoughtful leader.

PPS. One 1:1 help now? Let’s chat!


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