If you’ve been following Zenith Journey for a while, you may know… at the end of 2019 I had another small stroke, and in May 2020, heart surgery.

Sometimes we all need some time in hibernation. 

The last few years have had their challenges. Although I would never wish this experience on anyone, I wouldn’t change it.

I believe anything can be a gift, if you choose to see it that way.  I call mine “a gift without a bow” because it was not very pretty. But a gift none the less.  

In time I’ll be sharing some of my lessons, in hope that you can get the gems of wisdom, without the brain injury.

One of my gems of wisdom has been to simplify many things in my life. Getting super clear on what’s important, and what’s a priority (not what is the LOUDEST!)

I’ve taken this philosophy into my coaching conversations with clients.

As a Leadership and Executive Coach, there are millions of different questions I COULD ask to help move my clients forward. Sometimes there are so many questions that the brain gets overwhelmed. And if you are thinking about what the RIGHT question is, you are definitely not PRESENT. And trust me, your client/ colleague/ kid/ partner knows you are not present.

So I researched and found a great list of core coaching questions.  Seven to be precise. 

I sketched these into a one page summary and use it all the time.  In fact, this freed up so much space in my brain to use, I can help people get better outcomes, because I am not in my own head.

This is now my most popular coaching tool that people want a copy of.  Not just ‘coaches’. We all have coaching conversations with our teams, colleagues, partners and kids.

As a gift from me to you, here’s the one page summary I created.

I hope this enables you to have richer conversations.

Happy Leading,

Kate Peardon 

ps. if you enjoyed the one page visual summary, you can learn how to create your own.

This is especially for the people who say ‘I can’t draw‘. You’ll learn to make your content remarkable, with simple icons and layouts.

Exciting huh?!

Find out more information www.zenithjourney.com/rockstarvisuals

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