Have you ever noticed that the person who is the best at sales, then gets promoted to be the head of the sales team? Or the best engineer then is promoted to lead the team? Or if you have your own business, you get so much work that you hire a team, then you’re suddenly a CEO?

Yep. It happens all the time.

The tricky thing is, the skills that makes you technically amazing at what you do… are not the same skills that will make you a great leader.

What got you “here”, won’t get you “there”. Oooff.

So what do you need to level up your leadership? Three things.

  • education in being a leader that people want to work for, who also gets results
  • strategy for how you want to lead your team/biz
  • accountability to make it happen!

In the 1:1 Private Leadership Coaching, over three months we get your leadership and team/business humming. You’ll feel confident, in control and get results.

Are you ready to level up your leadership? Book a 20 minute chat with Leadership Expert Kate Peardon, to see if Leadership Coaching is a good match.


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